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Bankruptcy Protection 
Have a bankruptcy lawyer evaluate whether you qualify and if bankruptcy will cure your debt issues.  Let us advise you of your bankruptcy options. Schedule a consultation to see if filing for bankruptcy protection makes sense for you 
 You Deserve a Fresh Start

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Filing for Bankruptcy Protection

Are you looking for a Bankruptcy Lawyer near Phoenixville, PA 19460?  If yes, then please contact me for a free no obligation consultation at 610-935-5555.  We are proud to serve you and help solve your financial problems.  

If you are facing a financial catastrophe or one of life's major challenges such as health problems, job loss, divorce, bodily injury, small business failure or you have just gotten in over your head with debt then you should consider Bankruptcy as an important and powerful option in discharging your debt. Learn more about the Process of filing bankruptcy.

By this point, if you are in one of these predicaments, you probably have not been in the position to pay your credit card debt for some time.  You may be afraid to answer the phone or screen every call to avoid the never ending harassing collection phone calls.  The debt collectors may even have the nerve to contact your friends, family, or employers to attempt to collect your debt.
The next step is usually for your creditors to file civil lawsuits against you in order to obtain judgments.  A judgment is very serious and acts as an automatic lien against all of your real and personal property.  Once a creditor obtains a judgment, there are various methods for them to execute on that judgment.  Creditors and debt collectors are getting more aggressive these days due to the recession. There are many despicable tactics that creditors and debt collectors may resort to in order collect your debt.
Bankruptcy provides a powerful defense called the "AUTOMATIC STAY" against these terrifying creditor actions. Once we file your Bankruptcy petition, creditors are not permitted to call you or send you letters anymore.  In addition, creditors must halt their collection efforts including garnishments, levies, repossessions, foreclosures, and collection lawsuits.
Your credit score may have already decreased to the point in which filing bankruptcy may actually raise your score because your eligible debts, including credit card debt, will be eliminated from your credit report.  Some people are at the point in which they have been able to pay all of their debts, but after evaluating their financial situation they are now on the verge of defaulting on their payments.  Under these conditions, it may be advantageous to file before the debt collectors start calling and the courts grant judgments against you.
Most importantly, you will not be left destitute because most individuals are permitted to keep all of their personal and household goods, along with their retirement accounts. In most cases individuals keep their cars and houses even though they filed for Chapter 7.
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is primarily used for discharging unsecured debt such as credit card debt, medical bills, and personal loans.  However, the "note" on secured debt may also be eliminated.  This is an advantage when you surrender the property securing a lien or mortgage such as real estate or vehicles, because then you would not have to pay the difference between the loan and the proceeds from the sale of the property.
Please call for a no obligation, initial consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer to evaluate your specific financial circumstances to see if it makes sense for you to file for Bankruptcy at (610) 935-5555.  To ask a question or schedule an appointment please click here.

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