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Fight Debt Collector Harassment  
If you are being harassed by a debt collector and are receiving misleading or fraudulent notices in the mail then you may be able to fight back. Congress and the State of Pennsylvania have enacted Fair Debt Collections Laws in which the collector may have to pay you damages for a violation.  
 You Deserve a Fresh Start
The Fair Debt Collection laws allow you to sue your creditors

Under Federal and Pennsylvania law creditors and debt collectors are required to follow certain ethical procedures that promote fairness and prevent fraudulent behavior when collecting debt.  If creditors and debt collectors violate the Fair Debt Collection Act and Pennsylvania equivalent law then debtors may actually sue the creditor for statutory and actual damages such as emotional pain and suffering.  


Common Types of Debt Collection Violations


Harassment: This can include dozens of phone calls per day designed to cause annoyance and emotional distress rather than to inform the debtor of the debt and inquire about payment.  Also, harassment includes foul language and threats typically used by debt buyers and payday loan collectors.  Harassment is a factually based violation and if you feel as though a creditor has crossed the line then please contact us.

Misleading Collection Notices: Collection notices that make false claims to intimidate you for example "your debt has been referred to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania,"  or imply that you will be imprisoned are a clear violation. 
Furthermore, the creditor cannot make false claims verbally nor in writing that they are affiliated with the court, law enforcement, or the United States government.  In addition, collection notices that mislead debtors of the amount owed and settlement terms may qualify as a violation. 
Communicating with a Debtor's employer, relatives, friends: A creditor may not communicate with third parties other than the debtor in an attempt to collect debt.  This prohibits the unethical collection strategy of a creditor intentionally humiliating a debtor in front of his employer, relatives, friends and associations.  Debt collectors, however, may contact third parties to ascertain your whereabouts.
Creditor attempting to collect greater amount than owed:  The amount that a creditor may collect including the principal, interest, and fees must be authorized by the agreement and permitted by law.
Contact our office if you are receiving suspect collection notices or telephone calls.  Please save your collection notices and copy onto a CD, cassette tape, or sound file any debt collector voice mail messages that sound fraudulent.  Please contact me for a consultation at (610) 935-5555

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